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Your Roof and the Web - Alan Benson    June 2000

The internet can help you manage your store's roof asset information successfully.

Forecasting Roof Life Cycles - Alan Benson    October 2000

Only the knowledge of real-life effects of exposure on a roof system can determine the life span of your roof.

Preventive Maintenance vs. Reactive Maintenance - Alan Benson         February 2001

Early diagnosis of deficiencies and timely repair ensure a long life for your roofs.

Water, Water Everywhere - Dan Fiala    March 2001

Proper roof design and effective roof drainage can solve the problem of ponding water.

Designing Roofs for Extreme Climates - Brian McElmeel    April 2001

Giving consideration to climate, conditions and building specifics prior to the design stage can lead to long-term performance of a roof system.

Roof Leak Tracking and Analysis - Kent Langholz    May 2001

Using leak information to assess your roof's condition.

The Basic Elements of Roof Management - Dave Sharpe    July/August 2001

Managing and preserving roofing assets.

Asbestos and Roofing - Dan Fiala    October 2001

Asbestos has become a troublesome item that often carries a hefty price tag, but it is something that cannot be ignored.

Your Roof's Insulation May Have You Seeing Red - Kent Langholz               May 2002

The hazard of phenolic foam insulation metal deck corrosion.

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